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Here are some answers to questions you may have regarding life insurance and mortgage protection insurance...

  • Why should you use Goodlife Financial Advice?

    If you know what you want and don’t require personalised advice, we have made buying life insurance, trauma insurance & mortgage protection insurance really easy with our no paper, no signature, no hassle process. We’ve eliminated the need for paperwork, this means a fast while efficient process for you and at the same time doing our part for the environment.

  • Does Goodlife Financial Advice provide advice?

    Yes we can, but not in respect of the online purchase facility. If you feel you would like some advice simply contact us via the options on the ' Contact Us' page above or alternatively you can visit the insurance calculator on the following link http://www.sorted.org.nz/calculators/insurance/

  • Is my personal information secure?

    Yes, we keep your personal information in a safe and secure manner. Our online payment processing is secured by industry standard 128bit SSL encryption. During the purchasing process you will see your browser address bar display HTTPS to indicate communication is secure. Communication between our servers and your credit card company or bank is also performed securely. All payment details are stored encrypted in our database. We follow strict policies on credit card storage and processing laid down by our bank.

  • Will my premiums increase?

    Yes, in most cases, as you get older your premiums will increase accordingly.

  • Can I cancel my insurance at any time?

    Yes, remember you are in control at all times.

  • What happens if I stop paying the premiums?

    Your cover will lapse.

  • Who owns my policy?

    You do, however if you wish to change the ownership, please contact Goodlife Financial Advice and we’ll arrange this for you.

  • How long does my insurance policy last?

    It will depend on the policy type, and the duration will be outlined in your policy document.

  • Why might Goodlife Financial Advice ask for more information?

    If you have answered a question in a health section which requires more detail in order to proceed or you have fallen outside the on-line automatic acceptance criteria and more detail is required to proceed. For example, you may be in a hazardous occupation or you may have a family history of a particular medical condition.

  • Are there any exclusions to my policy?


    Life Cover: There will be no payment under this cover if what happens to you is in connection with an intentional self injury (whether sane or insane) by you within 13 months of either:

    • The start date, or

    • The date cover is reinstated, or

    • Any increase in the sum insured to the extent of that increase (except for any increases under the inflation protection option)

    The terminal illness benefit will not be paid if you do not follow the advice and treatment recommended by an appropriately specialised medical practitioner.

    Trauma Cover: Fidelity Life will not pay anything under this cover if what happens to you or any insured child is in connection with:

    • Intentional self inflicted injury (whether sane or insane) by yourself or any insured child

    • You or any insured child engaging in conduct which gives rise to any criminal offence for which you or any insured child are convicted, or

    • You or any insured child not following the advice and treatment recommended by a medical practitioner.

    Both: In addition, you may be accepted for cover on non-standard terms in which case certain exclusions may apply. Goodlife Financial Advice will advise you of these exclusions if applicable.